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Spring Cleanups

Not sure if you need a spring cleanup? Not only does it improve the look of your yard, there are also some benefits that can keep your lawn healthier. Leaves that are left over from the fall will prevent the lawn from getting good sunlight, which can cause the lawn to die out in areas. Leaves that are left in the beds can harbor fungal diseases that will affect your shrubs or flowers.

Dethatching / Power raking

We aggressively rake the lawn to remove thatch.

The thatch layer is a normal accumulation of organic matter that sits on top of the soil, at the base of the grass plant. It is a benefit to the lawn, full of nutrients and full of beneficial microorganisms, it also prevents the lawn from drying out too quickly. In a healthy lawn the thatch layer could be half an inch to 1 inch thick. If the thatch has accumulated to more than 1 inch, which is not very common, then dethatching could be helpful. If the thatch layer is too thick, it may result in a shallow root system of the grass, which leads to dry, disease prone and weak turf. The dethatching should be done early in the season, often with the spring cleanup, before the grass plants fill in. When done at the proper time, the dethatching rake will lift out some (not all) of the thatch so it can be mulched or removed. Core aeration is another method that can be done in spring or fall to reduce thatch.

Thatch is not due to leaving grass clippings on the lawn or from using a mulching mower to chop up leaves. Mulching is a healthy practice, which results in a richer, organic soil and it provides significant nutrients to your lawn. By using a mulching lawn mower, you can decrease the amount of fertilizer you are using on your lawn by one pound per thousand square feet per year.

Lawn Mowing / Trimming

Fertilizer / Weed Control Program

“The grass is greener” on our side of the fence!

Guaranteed weed control with Premium and Standard programs.

We carefully select the highest quality fertilizers and weed control products that will build disease resistance and create a healthy, thick turf. One of the unique things we do is that we customize our applications to each lawn, using the proper products where needed. The mixture and application rates are determined by the amount of sun or shade, moisture, and soil type. As certified professionals, you expect us to do what's best for your lawn, and that's just what we do!

Premium Fertilizer Program:
Standard Fertilizer Program:
Budget Fertilizer Program:
Gypsum or Lime:
Core Aeration:


Many people want to use organic products on their lawn, but find it hard to tolerate a lot of weeds.

We offer 2 options:

1. Strictly organic - This would include only the humic acid liquid organic fertilizer that we have used for many years. It does not have any guarantees for weed control, but we have seen it reduce the number of weeds in a lawn. For best results, we need to apply 4-6 applications throughout the growing season.
2. Modified organic – We use a chemical pre-emergent in the spring, along with a broadleaf spray, and then follow with organic fertilizer for the rest of the season. There may be some summer weeds, and we can spot treat or blanket spray if there are some serious weed issues that you want to eliminate.

This method takes advantage of the optimal early spring time application of chemicals, which is an effective time to prevent a lot of problem weeds, and it’s a time of year when most people are not typically out in their yard much yet. With this program, you can feel good about choosing organic products, but you don’t have to compromise the beauty of your lawn.

***Two months prior to this photo, both lawns looked the same. I sprayed the lawn on the left with my organic fertilizer program, and spread lime once. Now, it's easy to see the difference between the treated and the untreated lawn. NO CHEMICALS WERE USED! We can't guarantee these results every time, but we work hard with every lawn to get the best results we can.

Core Aeration

Core aeration gives your lawns roots room to breathe and grow deeper. By reducing the compaction of the lawn, the lawn can absorb more water, nutrients and oxygen which will allow the roots to go deeper and as a result, the lawn becomes thicker and more resistant to disease, drought, and stress. Core aeration also reduces the thatch layer. The best time to aerate is in early fall when the root growth is optimal. We recommend it annually for heavy clay soils. Every other year is good for the others.

Fall Cleanups & Leaf Removal

Fallen leaves are beautiful at first glance, but if left on the lawn, they can potentially become a problem!

A fall leaf cleanup helps keep your home looking neat and clean; it discourages pests from making nests in your lawn or landscaping; it allows sunlight, water and nutrients to feed your lawn so that the roots can grow deeper. All of this decreases the chances of lawn diseases, and sets your lawn up for a quicker green up in spring!

Fall cleanup. Before and after

Roof Gutter Cleaning

This is most often done with yard cleanups in spring & again in the fall before it freezes permanently.


This is most often done with yard cleanups in spring & again in the fall before it freezes permanently.

A well maintained, healthy landscape requires regular pruning and shaping of shrubs. Annual pruning and trimming in early summer or later in fall will help keep the shrubs at their optimal size and shape for proper growth and natural beauty.

Seeding & Sodding

It's not as simple as throwing some lawn seed down on your lawn. To make it successful, it requires specialized lawn equipment and experienced know-how.

Overseeding can be done in spring or fall to thicken up the turf. We recommend aeration and lime in conjunction with the seeding.> We offer both shady or sunny seed as indicated by your lawns needs.

Sometimes the area that was once sunny is becoming shadier and the tree canopy needs to be thinned out to give a little more sunlight to the lawn. As the shade increases over the years, an introduction of shady lawn seed can be helpful to thicken up a turf that was previously exposed to more sun.

Sodding installation or replacement is a great option for instant repairs to damaged turf.

Both seeding or sodding require diligent watering for best results.


We are very effective in getting grass to grow in the shade where grass has thinned out in the early spring.


In sunny areas and along streets and driveways, sod works very well. We can install an "instant lawn" that will do well in direct sun. Sod prevents weeds from growing and area can be maintained with any fertilizer and weed control program. Keep new sod moist until it is firmly rooted (sticks to the ground).

Seeding bare spots:

We will work up the soil, add new peat soil if needed, spread the right strains of seed for the amount of sunlight, and cover with mulch to keep it moist. This is best done in the spring, and will need to be keep watered more than other areas until the roots have developed and can tolerate the heat and drought of summer.


his is recommended for larger areas where the turf is thin, but not bare. Fall is the best time, as temperatures are cooler, but spring is also an option if you can keep the lawn watered adequately throughout the summer.

Seed results - One year later

Mulch / rock installation

Landscaping for All Seasons

Snow & Ice Removal

We offer snow removal services for residential or commercial locations in a timely manner. As soon as the snowfall is over, we are on the routes! If the snowfall is expected to exceed 6 inches, or if it will continue over a long period of time, we will clear the snow in two visits so that you can get in and out of your driveway. For no additional charge, we will return and cleanup again after the city plow has left their ridge at the end of the driveway.

Salt or ice-melt products can be applied as needed or by special request. It is our goal to help keep your home safe, and giving you relief from the labors of removing the snow.

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